Out of Hours Crisis Workers for the SARC

Grange Park, the Staffordshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for our area, is based in Cobridge.

Its primary aim is to provide access to a comprehensive forensic medical examination for men, women and children who have been sexually assaulted. The service is available whether or not the client chooses to report the assault to the Police.

In terms of the forensic examinations, a doctor will check to see whether you have any injuries and to make sure that you are all right. The doctor will explain what they are doing during the examination and if you feel uncomfortable at any point the doctor will stop what they are doing. The doctor may also need to take a blood sample but will ask you about this and not force you into anything that you do not want. The amount of taken for the examination will vary from person to person.

Savana currently provides Out of Hours Crisis Workers who accompany and support those who report their experiences to the police and need to go through the process at Grange Park. If you wish, the crisis worker can accompany you into the examination room. Alternatively, you may prefer to take a friend or member of the family into the room with you.