Counselling service

Savana offer free counselling to anyone who has been affected by Sexual violence whether recently or in the past. This is available at no charge to the service user.


It is not the same as going to a doctor or other experts. Your counsellor will not tell you what is ‘wrong’ with you, tell you what to do, interpret, direct, or act on your behalf. They will work with whatever you wish to bring.

You and your counsellor will review the work you have done together regularly to help identify whether counselling is achieving what you want it to achieve.

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Savana offers clients weekly 50 minute, one to one sessions with a qualified counsellor.


Appointments are usually held at Savana. We can also arrange appointments at other venues, including schools, where appropriate.Availability is between the following times:

9am – 8pm Monday – Wednesday

9am – 6pm Thursday

9am – 5pm Friday

9am – 2pm Saturday

Call us on 01782 433204 to discuss your options and how Savana can help you. ​

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have male and female counsellors and ISVAs.
If you feel that you cannot work with your counsellor or ISVA, tell us. We will try to provide you with a replacement.
We also have a female only space for those who feel that they need it.
No – there is no charge for our services.
As Savana is a charity, donations are always welcome but counselling and ISVA appointments are free.
You can have someone refer you on your behalf (with your permission) and you can bring someone with you to your first appointment if you wish.
Savana works with people aged 4 years and above.
Whatever your gender, age, ability, race, sexuality, class, HIV status, nationality or religion and whether your experience was recent or in the past you are eligible for our services.
If you don’t know or are unsure if something has happened to you, just ask!