Independent Sexual Violence Advisor – ISVA

Savana houses 2 Independent Sexual Violence Advisor’s (ISVA’s) who are Independent of the police and any other agency.  ISVA’s advise and support people who have been raped or sexually abused. This service provides practical and emotional support to clients. They work with you to identify your needs and advise on other services available providing advocacy where needed.

This support can be accessed regardless of whether you have reported your experience or not.

You can work with your ISVA to help you to decide if you wish to report to the police and they can give you information about the legal process and your rights. If you have reported, ISVAs can help before, during and after the criminal justice process.

If you decide not to report your experience, you may need help identifying what support you may need. The ISVA will help you to access that support and you will have the opportunity to talk about your situation is a safe space.

The ISVAs have links to services across Staffordshire and will help you to access these services.


The service is confidential and your details will only be shared in the following circumstances:

  • Where you give consent for the confidence to be broken
  • Where the ISVA is compelled by a court of law
  • Where the information indicates that there is a significant risk of significant harm to you or someone else, and telling someone would make a difference


Each ISVA is fully trained to Home Office recommendations. They have knowledge of legal processes, housing, health issues, benefits, asylum and addiction. They can support and advocate where needed.


You can be seen at Savana, although outreach appointments may be available on request.



To Refer yourself into out ISVA service you can download the referral form by clicking here.