Why choose a Savana training course?

Here are just some examples of the positive feedback we have received about our courses:

Responding to Disclosure of Sexual Violence

‘Training at a very good pace....all views respected.'

‘Really enjoyed the training & it will certainly prove valuable in my role, working with young women involved in or at risk from sexual exploitation.'

'Knowing is important - sometimes highlights the unknown.'

'Honour' Related Violence/Female Genital Mutilation

"The course was so interesting - would like to have at least a week."

"V. interesting, well organized & put across. So easy to understand."

"Excellent preparation for our future as doctors."

Looking Good, Feeling Great!

'It has helped me to gain confidence. I am able to laugh and have a conversation, without doing this programme I would have never found out how to be more like myself.'

'It's fun, real and positive.'

'I had the opportunity to reflect on my behaviour and make positive changes. We often have the knowledge but don't make time to use it/practice the skills.'